2013 Brite Winter Venues

Main Info | Campbell’s Sweets Factory (Outdoor Back Alley)

[six_columns]1. West 26th & Bridge (Main Festival Grounds)
2. Campbell’s Sweets Factory (Outdoor Back Alley)
3. Light Bistro (Artist Lounge)
4. The Cleveland Hostel
5. The Loren Naji Gallery
6. Joy Machines – 1836 West 25th Street
7. Market Avenue Wine Bar
8. Orale Kitchen and Restaurant
9. Deering Vintage
10. ABC the Tavern
11. Old Angle Tavern
12. Orange Blossom Press
13. Great Lakes Brewing Company
14. Bon Bon Pastry & Cafe
15. Room Service
16. SOHO
17. Johnnyville Slugger

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What is a Brite Winter Festival Venue? It’s an Ohio City business nearby the outdoor festival grounds that has joined us in celebrating winter. There are a variety of things this could mean, including hosting music and art installations, opening patios, providing special menu items, or offering discounts to mug holders. You can see the participating businesses and how they are participating below.

Main Festival Grounds

The main festival grounds is the parking lot behind the Old Angle Tavern plus Bridge Avenue – only foot traffic from W25th to W26th Street. Several outdoor fires will be burning, and the festival main stage will supply a mix of music from bands across the Midwest. Our treasured Giant Skeeball and other games good for young and old can be found here and are completely free and run by festival volunteers. Gypsy Bean and Baking Company will supply us with hot beverages and soul-warming food. Likewise tasty treats will be provided by Umami Moto and StrEAT Mobile Bistro.

This year, the festival will feature for the first time an outdoor beer garden, serving Buckeye Brewing and Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Main Stage MC: 87.7FM Cleveland Sound’s Archie -> Twitter
5:00pm Lucy Stone View Bio
6:00pm Thaddeus Anna Greene View Bio
7:00pm Misty Gonzales View Bio
8:00pm Lost Jon & The Ghosts View Bio
9:00pm The Floorwalkers View Bio

Main stage décor by Amber and Jim Kempthorn
Glow-in-the-dark illustrations by The Rust Belt Monster Collective
Make-and-take lights from Ingenuity Festival
Omid Takavoli and Rachel Strongoli
87.7 Cleveland’s Sound Giant Light Brite.
Jimmy Kuehnle, CIA: Mobile Inflatables
Experimentation in Electronic Arts class, Cleveland Institute of Art advised by Sarah Paul
Cleveland State University Plinko Game
Digital Design class, Cleveland Institute of Art advised by Barbara Chira
Wall of Light, Cleveland Museum of Art, Department of Community Arts
Light Pillars, Cleveland Museum of Art, Department of Community Arts
Giant Skeeball, Brite Winter
Angry Birds, RGI
Cleveland Disc Association Disc Game
Aaron Erb’s Let us Eat Cake + Mitchell’s Ice Cream.

Gypsy Bean: gypsybeans.com
Umami Moto: umamimototruck.com
StrEAT Mobile Bistro: streatmobilebistro.com

Outdoor Beer Garden
Buckeye Brewing: buckeyebrewing.com
Great Lakes Brewing Co. greatlakesbrewing.com

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Main Info | Campbell’s Sweets Factory (Outdoor Back Alley)

Campbell’s Sweets Factory (Back Alley)

Address: 1979 West 25th Street

Campbell’s is all about the popcorn. Their candied popcorn is available in 2 spots in Ohio City. One in the West Side Market, and one next to Room Service, just south of Lorain avenue on W 25th St. Bring in a Brite Winter Mug, and Get a second large bag of popcorn when you buy a large bag of popcorn. The back alley is the Outdoor festival site South of Lorain Ave. Listen to tunes and find treats from Gypsy Beans and Baking Co., Hodge Podge Truck, and Fired Up Tacos.

Beach Stav 4:15pm View Bio
Cherry Cola Champions 5:00pm View Bio
Muscle & Bone 5:45pm View Bio
Dead Sweaters 6:30pm View Bio
Reverse The Curse 7:15pm View Bio
Dowsing 8:00pm View Bio
Annabel 8:45pm View Bio
Total Babes 9:30pm View Bio

–Melissa Olson, stage décor

Gypsy Bean: gypsybeans.com
Hodge Podge Truck: hodgescleveland.com
Fired Up: fireduptacotruck.com

Buy a Large Popcorn, Get a Large Popcorn Free to Brite Winter Mug Holders.

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Light Bistro

Address: 2801 Bridge Avenue

Located one block from our outdoor stage on Bridge Avenue, Light Bistro is hosting a lounge for the artists and performers at Brite Winter Festival to eat and drink for free… access is limited, but you can purchase admission to the artists lounge for $50 on our kickstarter. Mug holders enjoy 10% discounts on all orders.


10% off all orders when you have a Brite Winter Festival mug

The Cleveland Hostel

Address: 2090 West 25th Street

The Cleveland Hostel opened in 2012 and is hosting music at Brite Winter for the first time this year. It may be a good place to crash for the night too. Call ahead to reserve room for Saturday February 16th. (216-394-0616)


Shisho 5:00pm View Bio
Unraveler 6:00pm View Bio
Old Boy 7:00pm View Bio
Honeybucket 8:00pm View Bio
Tom Evanchuck 9:00pm View Bio
Meridian 10:00pm View Bio

Installations created by The Cleveland Urban Design Collective

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The Loren Naji Gallery

Address: 2138 W. 25th

The Loren Naji Studio and Gallery is the furthest South point of the festival but hosting the largest amount of music, with 12 bands playing on stages running side by side all night. You’ll also be able to find a 3D mapping video installation made by Kasumi and Kevin Jackson of the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Brite Winter will also be serving Buckeye Brewing Co. beer

Regular Shoulders 5:00pm View Bio
Chris Black 5:30pm
Alert New London 6:00pm View Bio
Dozens 6:30pm View Bio
Seafair 7:00pm View Bio
Bears of Blue River 7:30pm View Bio
Bonesetters 8:15pm View Bio
Suns 9:00pm View Bio
Army of Infants 9:45pm View Bio
Teen 10:30pm View Bio
Bethesda 11:15pm >View Bio
Maza Blaska 12:00am View Bio

Video Mapping Installation by Kasumi and Kevin Jackson of Cleveland Institute of Art

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Joy Machines Bike Shop

Address: 1836 West 25th Street

Joy Machines is an independent bicycle retail and repair shop on west 25th street. They will be clearing their show room floor and hosting bands from the DIY Punk scene across the eastern United States.

Tracy Morgan Freeman 4:15pm View Bio
Perfect Future 5:00pm View Bio
En Garde 5:45pm View Bio
Signals Midwest 6:300pm View Bio
My Mouth Is The Speaker 7:15pm View Bio
Worship This! 8:00pm View Bio
Worlds Scariest Police Chases 8:45pm View Bio
Two Hand Fools 9:30pm View Bio
Tin Armor 10:15pm View Bio
Restorations 11:00pm View Bio

15% off  all merchandise and Joy Machines Tee for just $12

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The Market Avenue Wine Bar

Address: 2526 Market Avenue

Market Avenue wine bar’s back room is quiet, comfortably tucked away from the bustle of the busy Ohio City neighborhood. You’ll be greeted here by Megan Krampf’s lighting installation at the door. Settle in for a long night of intimate acoustic acts. Music fans should not skip this venue.

Melissa Olson 5:00pm View Bio
Hugo 6:00pm View Bio
Istvan Medgysi 7:00pm View Bio
Sam Brenner 8:00pm View Bio
Jeremiah Webb 9:00pm View Bio
Ashley Brooke Toussant 10:00pm View Bio
Saintseneca 11:00pm View Bio
Matt Hectorne & The Family Tree 12:00am View Bio

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Orale Kitchen

Orale Kitchen is newer addition to the artisan business community on West 25th street. It’s only a few feet from the main stage, stop in with a Brite Winter Mug for 10% off dinner and a free cup of coffee. You might also hang out and enjoy some live music in their restaurant for the night or check out their brand new patio.

10% off purchases
Free Coffee for Mug Holders.
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Deering Vintage

Deering Vintage is a Women’s Vintage clothing boutique retail store on W 25th street, very near our festival grounds. Bring a mug to enjoy 10% off EVERYTHING. Amazing deal, amazing place, make sure you check it out.

10% off purchases

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ABC The Tavern

ABC is one of Cleveland’s best Neighborhood bars. Stop in and check out the art installation by Oli App.

Window lighting Installation Created by Oliver App

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The Old Angle Tavern

Old Angle is a cozy feeling Neighborhood bar right at the corner of Bridge and W 25th: the heart of the Brite Winter Festival Grounds. There will be art installations surrounding the venue, and hop inside with a Brite Winter Festival mug to enjoy some drink specials. Take a look at Wendy Mahon’s GE Lighting installation in the front window while you’re there. Not that you can miss it…

Window lighting Installation Created by Wendy Mahon

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The Great Lakes Brewing Company

One Craft Brewery started it all in Ohio City, Great Lakes Brewing Company. At one time Great Lakes Brewing Co. was just a small micro brewery, now beer enthusiasts praise this name across the United States. Come down and grab a pint with our neighborhood brewery and festival partner.

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BON BON Pastry & Cafe

BON BON is the creation of Award Winning Pastry Chef Courtney Bonning. They serve fine pastries, desserts and full brunch style menu.

Chklefck Comedy Show

Free Cookie with the purchase of a french press coffee
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Room Service

Room Service is a boutique and lifestyle retail store on W 25th St. just south of Lorain Ave. They will have their doors open to festival goers until 10pm and offer 10% off to those with a Brite Winter Festival Mug.

10% Off Purchases

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Southern Hospitality.


Work It – Brite Winter Dance Party 11:00 DJ Mister Bradley P

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Johnnyville Slugger

Johnnyville Slugger Custom Bats Made in Ohio City. Stop in with the Brite Winter Mug to get a nice discount on merchandise.

10% off merchandise

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