2013 Line Up

Brite Winter 2013 Featured 48 Artists on 10 Stages.

The Floorwalkers, Lost Jon & the Ghosts, Misty Gonzales, Thaddeus Anna Greene, Lucy Stone, Total Babes, Annabel, Dowsing, Reverse The Curse, Dead Sweaters, Muscle & Bone, Cherry Cola Champions, Beach Stav, Maza Blaska, TEEN, Suns, Bears of Blue River, Chris Black, Bethesda, Army of Infants, Bonesetters, Seafair, Alert New London, Regular Shoulders, Matt Hectorne & The Family Tree, Saintseneca, Ashley Brooke Toussant, Jeremiah Webb, Sam Brenner, Istvan Medgysi, Hugo, Melissa Olson, Restorations, Tin Armor, Two Hand Fools, Worlds Scariest Police Chases, Worship This, My Mouth Is The Speaker, Signals Midwest, En Garde, Perfect Future, Tracy Morgan Freeman, Meridian, Tom Evanchuck, Honeybucket, Old Boy, Unraveler, Shisho