2017 Art Installations, Tents, Vendors

Dayglo Experience

with Live Painting by MXLXTXV, Scott Pickering and Sankofa Fine Art Plus, plus hands-on activities by Makers Alliance and more!

From 3-8pm:

Dayglo DIY: Spin Art Make n’ Takes by Sankofa Fine Art Plus

Painted Possibilities Pendulum by Makers Alliance.

1000 Faces Project Face Casting by Nelson Morris.


Luminous Winter Luau

featuring the work of the Brite Art Crew and Antidote Creativity, plus an epic journey from the dawn of man to the electronic era with Daddy Longlegs Interglacial Passport.

 THE PHASES OF MAN: Daddy Longlegs Interglacial Passport

ICE 3-7pm

“From Didgeridoo to The Drum” experience early civilization through instrument making, painting, and playing.

Dance, Vocals & Music inspired by this frigid era.

FIRE 7-8pm

Dance, Vocals & Music celebrating discovery of tools and the primordial fire. Return to play your primeval instruments.


Dance, Vocals & Music accompany the birth of storytelling through writing.


The Evolution of Humankind comes full circle with Daddy Longlegs Homegrown Revival.

Electronic Dance Party inspired by Afro-Cuban and World Beats with Pureplex

Also Featuring: Ivy Dance, Shelly Ann, and Alex Henry Digital Arts

Live Hooping Courtesy of United Way Young Leaders

Caricatures by FACES, the Regional Caricature Artist Collective

Work for purchase by Tidal Cool, Crocodile Smile Shop and Michelle Romary Designs


Frozen Fiesta

featuring the art of Dia de Muertos Ohio and the Latin music of DJ Chango.

The artwork of Hector Castellanos

Frida’s Bed and Life Size Sculptures by Mark Jenks and Ana Luisa Sánchez

Live Dance Party with Alex “DJ Chango” Corona, from Bachata to Hip Hop. 7 pm – 11 pm

Work for purchase by Amanda Plavan, Alejandro Moreno and The Bom Confections


Northern KaLightoscope

featuring art by the Brite Art Crew and Negative Space, plus multi-textured dance experience by the DJs of WCSB.

The Artwork of Gadi Zamir

Live Dance Party with DJ Himiko Go Go, DJ Hama Bbela, and DJ Max Payola. 7 pm – 11 pm

Work for purchase by the Artists of Negative Space, Blastmaster and Bob McNulty of Metal Yellow Studios.



Crooked River Huts by Robin Heinrich

Cuddle up, meet new friends, and escape the Cold!

Filigree Fireplaces by Steve Manka Designs

Cozy up by these artful metal masterpieces

Fire + Light Performing Arts

Catch these dynamic dancers around Sundown under the Disco Ball, and roaming all night long.

Tubular Torches by Ryan Ramer and Katie Simmons of the Hildebrandt Collective

In partnership with the Brite Art Crew, catch a glimpse of these otherworldly lights lining the Brite Site

Space Invaders by Bob McNulty and John Kasunich

These cheerful little guys couldn’t resist beaming down to take a look; catch them lit up by the Northern KaLightoscope tent

Playful Pennants by Sankofa Fine Arts Plus

In partnership with the Brite Art Crew, catch a glimpse of these Playful Pennats lining the way!


Brite Art Crew: Andrew Kaletta, Bob McNulty, John Kasunich, Morgan Passek and Colleen Allison, Michelle Nguyen, Dan Cook, Ben Ballard . . . . And special thanks to our resident DJ’s: Jay Allen and Minh Vanuyen