Brite Winter is Cleveland’s Outdoor Winter Art & Music Festival.
There might be snow, there might be rain, it might be cold, it might be a blizzard, but it doesn’t really matter. This is Cleveland, and we’re going to play outside. Going on our eighth year, we’ve had more support than ever before, as our region has decided that waiting for summer to have fun is not an acceptable way to live. Sure, we’ll have to work a little be harder for to get what we want… that’s just like us too.

This year Brite Winter will feature more of the things we love: Music, Art and Outdoor Activities. As a community funded and organized event, all of our official programing is free and open to the public. Find out how you get involved by visiting our ‘Help Out’ section or keep up with us on facebook and twitter as we make announcements about Bands, Games, Artists, and more Cleveland Winter Festivity.