2010 Photo Recap

You want to have an outdoor festival in winter?  You know you live in Cleveland, right?

These were just a couple of the questions we got when we did Brite Winter Festival 2010.  There were a lot more before it was all said and done, but with food, drink, music, art, activities, snow, and great people, the magic just happened.

It turned out great, and here are a couple of photos to give you a better sense of it all:

What’s BRITE about?
Cleveland. Everything was Cleveland, even our great Sponsors.
BWF - Logos in Lights

Who will come?
Pretty much anyone that enjoys what the city has to offer, from old to young.Kids, Snowball Fight, and Snow Fort

So what type of sports do you want to do?
24 Feet of Skeeball.  That’s a lot of Skee.24 feet of Skeeball

Can you have too much fire in the Winter?

People Gather Around the Fire

Bands: You want us to play in 10×10 plastic cube?
Us: Yup.
Bands: Sign us up!

Band in the Pop Up Bubble Cube

Why would you do a Winter festival in the Flats?
Because it is freaking gorgeous on the water?Hart Crane is a Big Place



Gallery Images Coming Soon