Alert New London

[six_columns] Venue: Loren Naji Gallery 1
Performance Time: 6:00pm

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Hometown: Columbus, OH

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Constant evolution. Never being content with the status quo and constantly pushing for higher musical heights – this is what Alert New London does. What started as a basic retro-pop outfit has morphed and changed into a creative juggernaut melding diverse influences into one cohesive onslaught of atmosphere and sound.

Using effected guitars, vocal harmonies, heavy drum beats, and an energetic live show, ANL has set the path towards providing a new voice in Columbus, OH.

This voice is of everybody who doesn’t believe in the hipster gestapo and who wants to move in jubilation at shows instead of stand silently in the back to maintain their cool. We believe that we are creating a community all our own. Join us on our journey.

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