2012 Art + Games

There is art, and there are games, and then there’s some stuff that is sort of both, but not really either.

Take a minute and explore what’s in store… (we’ll be adding more)
Oh, and very special thanks to the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art Department of Community Arts, and IngenuityFest.




Cleveland Institute of Art

International Artist Kasumi (CIA), main festival grounds

Kasumi, a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow and Professor at Cleveland Institute of Art, created “Happy Birthday Summer,” an original looping videoart installation that spanned the façade of the Museum for The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Summer Solstice 2011. “A Mid-Winter’s Stereopticon is the 45 minute remix Kasumi created specifically for Brite Winter.

In this surrealistic night dream, Kasumi’s signature eye-popping imagery flows in uninterrupted cascades into a polyphony of metaphysics, realism, pulp fiction, and Dadaist paradoxes. Every “statement” suggests its opposite and even casual observations are turned upside down. “A Mid-Winter’s Stereopticon” mimics the currents of our unconscious thoughts, moving in uncanny directions towards unknown – and vividly memorable – realms. ”
Credit: kasumifilms

Sarah Kabot (CIA), main festival grounds

Box Truck Diorama. When you combine CIA artists and a box truck, good things happen.  Cleveland Institute of Art students enrolled in an Installation, Light and Sound course, will be creating a fantastical immersive installation within the four walls of a box truck.

Barbara Chira (CIA), Dragonfly Lounge

Envision the typical store front as a light and art wonderland. Thanks to the kindness of Dragonfly Lounge, we can more than envision.

Barbara Chira is an installation and street artist with a studio in the ArtCraft Building in Mid-Town, a faculty member at The Cleveland Institute of Art, and a resident of Old Brooklyn.

Jimmy Kuehnle (CIA), roaming art

Art that moves around. Illuminated, Inflatable. The portable inflatable suit, powered by 12v blower motors, allows Kuehnle to cram in-between pedestrians, cars, street signs and parking meters.  Kuehnle will roam the festival providing Brite Winter fun.  Watch out.

Light Installations

Sponsored by GE Lighting

Cleveland Museum of Art, Department of Community Arts

Ian Petroni, Wendy Mahon, Robin VanLear

Light Sculptures with lights provided by GE Lighting will shock and awe.  See Ian’s work at Market Garden Wine Bar and Wendy’s at the Old Angle.

Bring a lamp or make a lantern, and add to the giant wall of light in the middle of Bridge Ave.  Yeah, we’re not sure about this one either yet.  We’ll figure it out together.

And more art…

Whisper-ma-phone (IngenuityFest), main festival grounds

Enter Ingenuity’s whisper-ma-phone and listen to a whisper.  Whisper back what you hear and be part of a degenerative poetry project.

Brite Snowflake (cyancdesign), main festival grounds

The Brite Snowflake; a really fricking huge snowflake. You add to it, and becomes an even more huge fricking snowflake.

LED ICE WALL, (//benitez_vogl, University of Akron, Kent State University), main festival grounds

LED Ice Wall. What happens when you combine a matrix of LED lights and ice?  This is is an interactive light installation, that illuminates 64 iceblock’s with a range of 15000 shades of lights. Enjoy the awesomeness that ensues.

50 People – 1 Question (Yoyo Syndicate), main festival grounds

We ask the question, you provide a response. Rinse, repeat. Like shampoo, the result is beautiful.

Interactive Lights + Sound (Babl Media), main festival grounds

Simply put: A box truck light and sound extravaganza.

NEON City (Arts Across the Atlantic), main festival grounds

Tree decorating, Brite Winter style.


Climbing Race Game

Put a giant light up doll on some rope, and rig up a contraption to make it climb? It may be simple, but who doesn’t like to race giant light up things into the clouds?

Catapult Smashdown Game

We have a launcher and mound of blocks to break down. Add the word smash to anything, and isn’t it instantly more fun? We think so.

A Giant Snow Skee-ball

Skee-Ball was invented in 1909, and when alleys were first sold in 1914, the game had a 36-foot lane. The modern length is 10 to 13 feet until the Brite Winter Festival dared to make it 24 feet.

Light Fight

By GE Lighting

Competition of the Ages: Old School vs. New School.