Art + Games

Main festival grounds

Amber and Jim Kempthorn, main stage décor

This father-daughter duo will enliven Brite’s main stage with northern lights-inspired shapes and themes. Lights are courtesy of GE Lighting.

Rust Belt Monster Collective

Fire and Ice is an art performance piece by the Rust Belt Monster Collective in which an entire mural is created in front of a live audience without prior planning. The artists are directly influenced as they paint by feedback from the crowd, environment, and each other. As a special event for Brite Winter, the RBMC will make their mural glow using black light and fluorescent paint.

Ingenuity Festival

Make-and-take lights. Bring some brite-ness home with you.

Jimmy Kuehnle, Cleveland Institute of Art

Twinkling Tricycle Tour of Enchantment.  The name of the piece says it all, really.  Lights courtesy of GE Lighting.

Foundation in Digital Synthesis, Cleveland Institute of Art advised by Barbara Chira

CIA students are exhibiting 24-30 lanterns, each one constructed with a full-color digital print on vellum. The image on each lantern is a mash-up and just as in mash-up music, each student appropriated imagery from at least two outside sources and re-presented it in a unique and original way. Each image expresses some “antonym” pair of words or concepts that are different from, but related to, one another – in fact, one cannot exist without the other: This-That, Me-You, Now-Then, Here-There.

Wall of Light, Cleveland Museum of Art Department of Community Arts

Contribute to our 2nd annual community light sculpture. Bring an old lamp, plug it in, and join in the fun – Northern Exposure style.  Lights courtesy of GE Lighting.

Light Pillars, Cleveland Museum of Art Department of Community Arts

Light. Pillar. Done.

Aaron Erb, Dadada Media

Cake Hunt. Scavenge Ohio City to earn clues that lead to a cake, and Mitchell’s Ice Cream.

Skeeball, Brite Winter

It’s baa—ack. Skeeball makes its 4th annual appearance.

CSU-linko, Cleveland State University

It’ll be big; it’ll be fun.  C’mon down!

Angry Birds, RGI

Angry Birds Cornhole. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Disc Game, Cleveland Disc Association

The Cleveland Disc Association makes its Brite debut doing what they do best – tossing Frisbees around.

Old Angle Tavern

Wendy Mahon (courtesy of Cleveland Museum of Art’s Department of Community Art)

beautifies the Old Angle’s window for the second year in a row, using GE Lighting supplies.

ABC The Tavern

Oliver App (courtesy of Cleveland Museum of Art’s Department of Community Art)

lends her talents to ABC’s window, again with lights from GE Lighting.

Market Avenue Wine Bar

Megan Krapf (courtesy of Cleveland Museum of Art’s Department of Community Art)

brings her visual art talents to one of our music venues. Lights from GE Lighting.

LAND Studio

Neighbors and public art gurus, LAND Studio, decorate their own space on W. 26th.

Campbell’s Sweets Factory

Melissa Olson

decorates our second outdoor stage behind Campbell’s Sweets Factory.

Experimentation in Electronic Arts class, Cleveland Institute of Art, advised by Sarah Paul

Digital graffiti + snow + music = fun

Cleveland Hostel

Downstairs, Omid Takavoli and Rachel Strongoli bring us live painting and balloons.  What’s not to love?

Upstairs, the Kent State CUDC Design Studio presents their vision of urban winter environments.

Loren Naji Studios

Cleveland Institute of Art faculty member and 2011 Guggenheim Fellow kasumi collaborates with multimedia specialist Kevin Jackson on Quadrascope.

Originally created for The Cleveland Play House’s Fusion Fest in collaboration with The Cleveland Orchestra, Kasumi’s experimental film Quadrascope literally takes on new dimensions by way of Kevin Jackson’s 3D mapping technology. Quadrascope mimics the currents of our unconscious thoughts, moving in uncanny and bizarre directions towards unknown – and vividly memorable – realms.

List of Artists by Affiliation
Cleveland Institute of Art

kasumi with Kevin Jackson
Jimmy Kuehnle
Barbara Chira and Digital Design class
Sarah Paul and Experimental in Electronic Arts class

Cleveland Museum of Art Department of Community Arts

Robin VanLear and the Department of Community Arts
Oliver App
Wendy Mahon
Megan Krapf


Omid Takavoli and Rachel Strongvoli
Amber and Jim Kempthorn
Loren Naji
Kent State CUDC Urban Design Studio
Rust Belt Monster Collective
LAND Studio
Melissa Olson
Brite Winter
Cleveland Disc Association
Aaron Erb

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