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R the Czar

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My work is an expression of past experiences tangled with insight for the future”, echoes the talented artist and rapper, R the Czar, who has carved out a name for himself thanks to his original sound and unique lyrical flow. Currently based in Cleveland, Oh, R the Czar skillfully brings listeners into his own world through his masterful storytelling and composition techniques. From an early age Czar has held a deep appreciation and close connection with music.
Citing artist such as Jay Z, Nas, 2 Chainz, and Red Hot Chili Pepper as artistic influences, R the Czar so easily blends a variety of styles to create his own signature sound on very tack he creates. His voice carries with it a warm and gold tone, as though it’s covered in honey. Every hook and line have a mesmerizing sound attached to it, which can be experienced first hand in his song, “Baby Boy”.