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HALLIE is an artist, songwriter, producer, and multi instrumentalist born in Cleveland, Ohio. Backed by band members Lora and Jeremiah Selle, and friends; HALLIE's live show brings the upbeat energy of a rock show meshed with the technology and precision of an edm rave.
She began songwriting and honing her instrumental skills as a young teen in the local punk band scene and church bands.
From fronting bands, to gigging, to teaching herself a multitude of instruments along the way; was born a passion for producing and creating in the fast paced and ever changing pop industry.
In February of 2020, HALLIE was selected by Atlantic Records/ APG as part of a songwriter search, where she got to work with/learn from label A & R's and Producers in Los Angeles.
This proved to be a turning point creatively, as her skills in songwriting and producing were exponentially elevated because of the guidance and knowledge of the team.
In May of 2021, HALLIE(alongside co-writer/producer, Ryan Keaton) wrote and performed 5 songs that will be featured on the upcoming season of IGTV'S show, ""Love Island"".
At 23, HALLIE is a force to be reckoned with; blending cutting edge pop and electronic elements in to infectious and detailed songs in her home studio. Her goal is to create fierce and confident anthems to empower her generation.