Brite Winter 2015 Artist Spotlight: Roses

by Rachel Hunt Listen while you read: roses EP by roses Laozi, a famed philosopher and poet from ancient China, once wrote “if you do not change direction, you may end up where you’re going.” This advice may seem completely arbitrary, and it most definitely came from a website of inspirational quotes, but I think that this piece of prose… Read more →

Thaddeus Anna Greene

[six_columns] CLE Clothing Co. Stage at Loren Naji Studio & Gallery Performance Time: 12:00am [/six_columns] [five_columns] Bandcamp| Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH Thaddeus Anna Greene is a young blues man hailing from Cleveland’s east side. At the age of 14, he spent hours upon hours locked in a room, teaching himself to play the guitar, cutting his teeth on the likes… Read more →

The Lake Effect

[six_columns] CLE Clothing Co. Stage at Loren Naji Studio & Gallery Performance Time: 5:00pm  [/six_columns] [five_columns] Bandcamp| Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH A unique and smart collection of musical talent and talented musicians. The Lake Effect’s songs are both intricate and witty with their combination of deep, provocative lyrics and music that carries the mood of each song’s own personality. It… Read more →


[six_columns] Stage: CLE Clothing CO. Stage @ Loren Naji Studio & Gallery Performance Time: 1:00am – Between Gallery Sets in Loren Naji Studio. [/six_columns] [five_columns] Website Hometown: Cleveland, OH [/five_columns] EXO 4 is a group of artists and musicians exploring elements of Jazz, Ambient Space, Avant-Garde, Free Improvisation and Electronica. Always exploring different ways to interpret modern music and art,… Read more →

Runaway Brother

[six_columns] Joy Machines Bike Shop Performance Time: 9:00 pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH Basement/bedroom/garage band of fools from Ohio with indie/punk/emo rock temperament. Read more →

Lowly The Tree Ghost

[six_columns] Chipotle Indoor Stage @ Room Service Performance Time: 5:30 pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] Bandcamp | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH Listen to Lowly The Tree Ghost Play “Lowly the Tree Ghost is a band that was brought together through the common idea of nourishing and creating music that embraces vivid imagery for its audience while establishing a sense of community.… Read more →

Humble Home

[six_columns] Stage: Great Lakes Brewing Co. Stage Performance Time: 6:30 pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] Website | Facebook | Twitter Hometown: Cleveland, OH [/five_columns] Weaving soaring, at times haunted vocals through rock-derived folk, Cleveland’s Humble Home has intertwined the darkest corners of Americana with a rollicking energy since 2009. Free-spirited and wild-eyed, the 2012 release of In Our Sleep, the band’s third… Read more →

Hollis Brown

[six_columns] Ohio City Stage Performance Time: 9:30 pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] Website | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: New York, NY Hollis Brown is one of the best young Rock n’ Roll bands in America. They released their debut “Ride On The Train” last year on Alive Natural Sound and have been on the road ever since growing a solid fanbase in both… Read more →

Air Traffic Controller

[six_columns] Stage: Brite Winter Stage Performance Time: 10:00 pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] Website | Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Hometown: Boston, MA Serving in the US Navy as a real-life air traffic controller, singer/songwriter Dave Munro sent home 4-track demos he had written and recorded during his deployment. With his enlistment up, Munro returned to hometown Boston and discovered an impressive number… Read more →