2010 Line Up

On February 27th, 2010, 800 Clevelanders from around the city enjoyed the first ever Brite Winter Festival held at Hart Crane Memorial Park, at the corner of Columbus and Merwin in the Flats. Guests included Pop Up City enthusiasts, CWRU graduate and professional students, people from the art community, fans of the bands, and residents of the Ohio City, Tremont, and Flats-Oxbow neighborhoods.

Music & Activity lineup

Music: This Moment in Black History with the Uncanny Xe La and The Hot Rails played inside a inflated cube made of plastic sheeting, and LOVED it.[/aside] Art: Local artists in a variety of media.  Participatory art included throwing snowballs laced with tempera paint onto a canvas that will serve as the backdrop of a future piece.
Fire: Two bonfires enjoyed by all, particularly with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.
Food: Profitable business for Sainato’s Restaurant, who served Italian food and beer indoors, and Gypsy Bean, who served hot food, sweets, and hot drinks outdoors.
Sporting fun: Giant skeeball was a giant hit.  Snowball fights and snow fort building were impromptu and lots of fun.  Guests also enjoyed cornhole, ice bocce ball, and chalkboard graffiti.


Sponsors and partners

Organizers:                        CWRU Graduate Students
Partners:            CWRU, Pop Up City, Ohio Canal Corridor, Cleveland Plays, Sainato’s Restaurant, Flats-Oxbow Association
Gold Sponsors:            Gypsy Bean & Baking Co., K&D
Silver Sponsors:            Mulberry’s, Cleveland Plus
Bronze Sponsors:            Bon Appetit Management Company, Center for Civic Engagement and