Misty Gonzales

[six_columns] Venue: Brite Stage
Performance Time: 7:00pm

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Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Listen to Misty Gonzales:

Misty Gonzales is a powered American rock & blues singer and songwriter from Colorado and is traveling the country singing her heart out with new album “Rock & Roll Freedom Show.” Upon moving to her present home in Los Angeles, Misty received a great word of wisdom from an industry executive friend: “There’s only one type of person who doesn’t succeed in the music business – it’s the one who gives up too soon.” Misty has used that advice as a guidepost throughout her career.

“I’ve learned that if you’re passionate about your vision, even with a ton of roadblocks in your way, passion and vision is the vehicle that will drive you.” She says, “There’s been days doubt was barking at my heals, but the next day, I’d shake it off and keep moving forward. I guess I’m just a passionate dreamer unwilling to give up. Some call it crazy, I call it love for what I do. I can’t see myself doing anything different. I love music, and I love the people music has led me to befriend and work with.”

With that credo embedded in her Misty Gonzales’s new album “Rock & Roll Freedom Show” was born as collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, Korn, James Blunt, Daniel Powter). In preparation for Misty’s new album, a 3-song EP teaser titled “Hummingbird” was debuted in grand fashion with a live music stage show at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA. Misty boasted an intoxicating performance featuring a spectacular Cirque Du Soleil style sideshow complete with high-flying aerialists, pole dancers, stilt walkers, acrobats, unicyclists, hula hoopers and more. Fans experienced why Music Connection Magazine dubbed Misty “the hippie rock queen” who “transports listeners to the heyday of Bill Graham’s Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco.”

The uplifting songs on “Rock & Roll Freedom Show” hearken back to an era when songwriters wrote about deeper issues, and being a freewheeling spirit was an asset not a curse. Misty describes her parents as hippies who raised her on classic rock, playing in the mud, and plenty of sweet burning incense. “Ever evolving and discovering my true voice as an artist,” Misty shares, “Rock & Roll Freedom Show is my way of being honest to my musical roots and paying homage to the artists that inspire me like Zeppelin, CCR, Doobie Brothers, Grace Slick, Neal Young, and Aretha Franklin. We’re living in a time where reality TV and materialism pervade all aspects of life, but if we strip all that away, we’re just human beings seeking the same things people were seeking in the 60′s & 70′s; love and acceptance for oneself, love for one another, and processing the emotions of war, country, and government. Rock & Roll Freedom Show represents the journey of love, life, and learning.”

Both EP and new album are released from indie label Freedom Child Entertainment, LLC (FCE), an independent record label that is a partnership between radio/television media mogul Tom Wilson and singer/songwriter Misty Gonzales. The label is multifaceted and notably reaches out to charities in Cleveland, Los Angles, and a charity very close to Misty’s heart for a children’s school in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti.

Misty’s fans around the world, who she affectionately calls “Freedom Children,” have experienced many of her songs via a variety of TV shows and films, including Nickelodeon’s “Degrassi,” MTV’s hits “The Hills,” “Tough Love,” “Cribs,” “My Super Sweet 16,” “World of Jenks,” the feature film “Bring It On 5: Fight to the Finish” and many more.

Misty has been adopting her Freedom Children and new fans from California to Ohio, performing on stages such as The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Browns Stadium, Grand Rapids Fifth Third Ballpark, Pasadena Make Music Fest, Austin SXSW, Los Angeles Music Box and Key Club to list a few. Misty was embraced again by Cleveland’s Freedom Children as she sang the National Anthem for NFL Cleveland Browns home game.

“What I love most about my new album is that I was very honest with my writing and singing, and people are really responding. It’s like everything is laid bare for the world to see,” Misty offers, “Deep inside, aren’t we all Freedom Children with dreams and visions? We just need a little encouragement to believe we can step out and reach them.”

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