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Muscle & Bone

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Venue: Campbell’s Sweets Factory
Performance Time: 5:45pm

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Listen to Muscle & Bone

Muscle & Bone are 4 guys from Asheville playing indie/emo survival in the vein of late 90′s and early 2000′s bands. Muscle & Bone consists of Chris French, formerly of Joie De Vivre, Rob Travis and Ryan Hoots formerly of Fairground Avenue, and Adam Gross. Formed in mid 2011, they have already self released an EP and been featured on the Topshelf Records summer sampler

The Self-titled EP creates a tapestry that’s both refreshing and familiar borrowing from bands like Further Seems Forever, American Football and The Anniversary then blending it into their own style. Most newer twinkly emo bands spent most of their time focused on the riffs, where Muscle & Bone spend an equal amount of time on melody. Their songs “No Return” and “Bones & Muscles” have been called the best get-sad jams of the year by some guy on the internet.

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