Fever Fever

Classic Mini Stage @ Market Ave. Wine Bar
Performance Time: 12:00 pm
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Hometown: Columbus, OH

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Fever Fever is an alternative rock band that lives in central Ohio.

In February 2012 they released and toured their 5 track EP titled Kingdom which achieved success in commercial advertisement, television, radio, in addition to a rapidly growing fan base and media market. They finished off the 2012-2013 touring season playing over 180 dates. They are currenty preparing to release their next project in early 2014.

In addition to alternative rock, Fever Fever has an acoustic side to their music. In June of 2013 the band released their first acoustic EP via Noisetrade, giving away the songs for free. They remained on Noisetrade’s “Top Downloaded” chart for two weeks.

Possibly one of the most unique things about this band is the energy of their live show. They are committed to bringing the life behind the songs to every performance and are hopeful that their synergy translates across their recorded music to everyone who listens.