[six_columns] Venue: Market Ave. Wine Bar
Performance Time: 11:00pm 

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Hometown: Columbus, OH

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“We’re [a] folk band (at least as an idiom) hailing from Columbus, Ohio.

Last, the debut full-length from Saintseneca, is a culmination of their cultivated and
tangled garland of friendship and musical ardor. Prepped by lifelong friendships rooted
in the same small Appalachian town, two successful EPs and four years of anywhere-
and-everywhere-we-can-stomp touring, this record is a long time coming for the
Columbus band.

The band’s first studio release features subtle and purposeful experimentation, building
a fullness of sound previously elusive.  It is at times raucous, tender and anthemic.
Intricacies aside, Last makes sure to highlight Saintseneca’s singular folk sound of
laconic singalongs, speed-strummed mountain dulcimers and tambourine-filled trash


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