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We’re anticipating the attendance of 10,000+ Clevelanders, young professionals, students, and graduate students who are starting their careers and starting families in Northeast Ohio. Attendees come to experience music and art displays through out Ohio City. The festival is free directory of event schedules, descriptions and locations available to attendees to help them enjoy Brite Winter 2013. Limited Ad Space is available for purchase under the guidelines below. For more information about booking program ad space contact:

James Harris

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Program Sizing + Pricing

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Option Description Cost
# 1 Full Panel Ad $300
# 2 Partial Panel Ad $200
# 3 Small Panel Ad $100
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In 2013, we’re anticipating the attendance of 12,000-13,000 Clevelanders, young professionals, students, and graduate students who are starting their careers and building their families in northeast Ohio. From area Universities to members of the art and music communities to anyone who loves life in northeast Ohio, the Brite Winter Festival is the best surprise of our unpredictable winter.

Brite Winter Community Quick Facts:

[three_columns] young-er
62% are age 18-34.
[/three_columns] [three_columns] highly educated.
43% have a 4-year college degree and 32% have a graduate degree.
[/three_columns] [four_columns] employed
either in full time positions (58%), self-employed (9%), or full-time students (19%).
[/four_columns] [three_columns] committed to Northeast Ohio.
67% have lived here 10 or more years, and 64% are originally for Northeast Ohio.
[/three_columns] [three_columns] relatively high wage earners.
20% earn over $75,000 yearly.
[/three_columns] [four_columns] love Brite.
98% want Brite to happen again


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How Brite Winter has Grown

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Brite Winter 2010: 600-800
Brite Winter 2011 1200-1500
Brite Winter 2012 10,000+
Brite Winter 2013 Target 12,000+

In 2012, Brite Winter Festival exploded in every category: the amount of music, food vendors, activities, artist, and attendees. Building on its first year in Ohio City with a host of great venues and local merchants, Brite Winter 2013 is positioned to continue the growth trend and impact an even larger audience in Northeastern Ohio.

Brite Winter 2012: At a glance


Website ~ 10,000 unique visitors
Facebook ~ 1,000+ Likes, 26,000+ users, 150,000+ post views
Twitter ~ 500+ Followers
Print Advertising ~ Posters and Postcards around Greater Cleveland
~ 14 Features, 33 Blog Features

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Fire, music, food, arts, and sports bring together diverse communities to rejoice in Cleveland, Winter, and our communities. We invite you to join us!


James Harris



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