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[six_columns] Venue: Loren Naji Gallery 2 Performance Time: 6:30 [/six_columns] [five_columns] dozens.bandcamp.com| Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Hometown: Chicago, IL Listen to Dozens Play Dozens are Chicago natives Kyle Mann, Vincent Theodore and John Norman. Incorporating synthpop, post-rock and EDM elements into an ambient aesthetic, Dozens marries infectious melody with a dreamy melancholy. As a trio of of multi-instrumentalists, producers and… Read more →

Lucy Stone

[five_columns] Venue: BRITE Stage Performance Time: TBD [/five_column [five_columns] lucystone.bandpage.com| Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Listen to Lucy Stone [Player] Though you may be hearing her name for the first time, Lucy Stone has a voice that’s hard to forget. A Philadelphia native, the 20 year-old songstress has already dedicated herself to more projects than a person has fingers. Lucy has… Read more →

Lost Jon & The Ghosts

[six_columns] Venue: BRITE Stage Performance Time: 8:00pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] lostjon.bandcamp.com | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH Listen to Lost Jon & The Ghosts: Play Dreamy, folk inspired music from the cold shores of Lake Erie, Lost Jon and the Ghosts are an ever expanding and evolving collection of musicians centered around songwriter Jon Meador and core members Max Stern and… Read more →

Istvan Medgyesi

[five_columns] Venue: Market Avenue Wine Bar Performance Time: TBD [/five_column [five_columns] istvanmedgyesi.bandcamp.com| Facebook [/five_columns] Listen to Istvan Medgyesi [Player] Inspired by a wide range of music, you can hear the echoes of an array of American musical traditions intertwined with modal explorations and occasional forrays into noise and drone. Read more →

Muscle & Bone

[six_columns] Venue: Campbell’s Sweets Factory Performance Time: 5:45pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] muscleandbone.bandcamp.com | Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Hometown: Chicago, IL Listen to Muscle & Bone Play Muscle & Bone are 4 guys from Asheville playing indie/emo survival in the vein of late 90’s and early 2000’s bands. Muscle & Bone consists of Chris French, formerly of Joie De Vivre, Rob Travis… Read more →

En Garde

[six_columns] Venue: Joy Machines Performance Time: 5:45pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Akron, OH Old friends, new shoes. Ross is a part of the Pittsburgh, PA based A Voice Like Rhetoric, which is currently on hiatus, and Andy is on loan from the Kent, Oh based Annabel. En Garde was formed in November 2011. Read more →


[six_columns] Venue: Campbell’s Sweets Factory Performance Time: 8:00pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] dowsing.bandcamp.com/releases | Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Hometown: Chicago, IL Listen to Dowsing Play We’re an Indie/Emo band from Chicago, Illinois. We’ve been fortunate enough to have released a 7″ EP, ‘All I Could Find Was You’, a split 7″ with emo newcomers Parker (current Joie De Vivre/Warren Franklin), and now… Read more →

Cherry Cola Champions

[six_columns] Venue: Campbell’s Sweets Factory Stage Performance Time: 5:00pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] cherrycolachampions.bandcamp.com| Facebook | Tumblr [/five_columns] Hometown: Kent, OH Listen to the Cherry Cola Champions Play We are two friends who play music together. Read more →


[six_columns] Venue: Loren Naji Gallery 2 Performance Time: 8:30pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] bonesetters.bandcamp.com| Facebook | Twitter [/five_columns] Hometown: Indianapolis, IN Listen to the Bonesetters Play Muncie-bred and Indianapolis-raised, we make music in old duplexes and share them with all kinds of alternative environs. We breathe in quiet sounds, and exhale louder sounds. A good mixture of western swing, surf rock, blues… Read more →

Maza Blaska

[six_columns] Venue: Loren Naji Gallery 1 Performance Time: 12:00 am [/six_columns] [five_columns] mazablaska.com | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Columbus, OH Listen to Maza Blaska Play Columbus’ Maza Blaska has had such nice things said of them. For instance: “A cross-continental friendship, a kaleidoscopic fascination with the musical styles of myriad cultures and a flexible arrangement…have turned Maza Blaska into a thriving… Read more →