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Lucy Stone

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Venue: BRITE Stage
Performance Time: TBD
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Listen to Lucy Stone

Though you may be hearing her name for the first time, Lucy Stone has a voice that’s hard to forget. A Philadelphia native, the 20 year-old songstress has already dedicated herself to more projects than a person has fingers. Lucy has opened for national acts such as The Dirty Projectors, Cymbals Eat Guitars, B.o.B and Major Lazer. Most recently the young college student has just finished working with multi-platinum recording artist Rusted Root on their new album entitled “The Movement”.

Transitioning from a multi-band repertoire to her newly formed solo project, Lucy released her first EP, “Would You?” in late April. Showcasing a unique lyrical style, the songs are intricately crafted, and were recorded in West Philadelphia with her band consisting of Brandon Bost, Sean Donaghy, Isaac Louis and Paul Impellizeri. …

Lost Jon & The Ghosts

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Venue: BRITE Stage
Performance Time: 8:00pm | Facebook

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Listen to Lost Jon & The Ghosts:

Dreamy, folk inspired music from the cold shores of Lake Erie, Lost Jon and the Ghosts are an ever expanding and evolving collection of musicians centered around songwriter Jon Meador and core members Max Stern and David Rivera. Like many groups currently growing in Cleveland, Lost Jon & The Ghosts met through playing music in previous projects together. Jon Meador had been writing songs for a yet to be named solo project for months when he went to and old friend, Max Stern, to try out a couple new things. He played “The question” for him. Max really liked it. A couple of weeks later Dave Rivera and Jon were practicing some originals and covers for an acoustic gig and decided Max would be a great …

Thaddeus A. Greene

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Venue: BRITE Stage
Performance Time: 6:00pm | Bandcamp | Facebook

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Listen to Thaddeus A. Greene:

“At the age of 14, Thaddeus A. Greene spent hours upon hours locked in a room, teaching himself to
play the guitar, cutting his teeth on the likes of Jimi Hendrix [and] Stevie Ray Vaughan. He has cultivated
the zeal and ability to create a refreshing, daring and rebellious encyclopedia of music. His psychedelic
blues/rock tapestries and fervid voice capture a time when life was melancholy amongst chaos.”


Misty Gonzales

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Venue: BRITE Stage
Performance Time: 7:00pm | Facebook | Twitter

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Listen to Misty Gonzales:

Misty Gonzales is a powered American rock & blues singer and songwriter from Colorado and is traveling the country singing her heart out with new album “Rock & Roll Freedom Show.” Upon moving to her present home in Los Angeles, Misty received a great word of wisdom from an industry executive friend: “There’s only one type of person who doesn’t succeed in the music business – it’s the one who gives up too soon.” Misty has used that advice as a guidepost throughout her career.

“I’ve learned that if you’re passionate about your vision, even with a ton of roadblocks in your way, passion and vision is the vehicle that will drive you.” She says, “There’s been days doubt was barking at my heals, …

The Floorwalkers

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Venue: BRITE Stage
Performance Time: 9:00pm| Facebook | Twitter

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Listen to The Floorwalkers

Growing up together in the same Cleveland, OH suburb, The Floorwalkers played little league baseball together as children. Then in high school, they began playing music together from 2000-04. Part of the band moved to Columbus, OH and released a self titled acoustic EP in ’05.  As a three piece, the band traveled the Midwest in support of their EP. By 2007, the whole band had relocated to Columbus.

While working on a debut full length album, they managed to garner a strong Midwest following. In November 2010 they released their first full length “The Natural Road.”  Since then, they have toured nationally, and remain completely independent. In a time when the music industry is reeling, The Floorwalkers have embraced the changes and built a truly grassroots following.