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Interview: Yosemight

Drawing from rock, bluegrass, fusion, and funk, Columbus trio Yosemight take the Cleveland Clothing Company Stage at Loren Naji Gallery at 6 p.m. We talk to the band about their eclectic influences and some of their most memorable shows. View the entire Brite Winter line-up and schedule here. Select interviews will be printed in the Premium Guide Book along with CD… Read more →

RGI Angry Birds

Interview: RGI International

A Cleveland boomerang, Ryan Gerber wasted no time immersing himself in the arts when he returned to his hometown. Gerber is the founder of RGI International, a company that fuses creative design with placemaking, harnessing the psychology of why we do the things we do and using it to transform spaces. RGI is responsible for the beloved — and returning… Read more →


Interview: She Bears

At the crossroads of shimmering power-pop and the melodic punch of indie-punk, Columbus’ She Bears January full-length release We Will Be Fossils — the long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s I Found Myself Asleep – burst with bright narratives. We talk to them about the time in between, writing their new album, and the filming of their new video for “Fossils”. Select… Read more →


Interview: Let’em Run

Punk-bred pals with a twisted taste for gruff Americana, Let’em Run recently released I Quit! Live, a collection of punchy bluegrass and whiskey-drenched shouts dotted with mandolins, banjos, and fiddle-wielding. We talk to Let’em Run about punk roots, recording Quit, and their classically-trained background. Select interviews will be printed in the Premium Guide Book along with CD samplers of  Brite… Read more →


Artist Interview: Miser Magazine

A little more than a year ago, Nicole Hennessy, a poet and journalist, and Lauren Dulay, a self-taught artist, launched Miser Magazine, a now quarterly collective of offbeat, alternative arts and literature they’ve been distributing throughout Northeast Ohio. “Finding D.A. Levy, that changed my life. I have the same thing in my heart. I know that he would approve of… Read more →


Interview: Herzog

Though the album isn’t expected out until later this year, much of the newest material from Herzog’s forthcoming Boys has already made its way into blistering live sets. Recorded over two weeks in upstate New York, Herzog flagged producer Kevin McMahon to collaborate after hearing his work with Titus Andronicus. “Boys will be even more punk still,” says lyricist Tony Vorell.… Read more →


Interview: Vibe & Direct

Vibe & Direct is an emerging 4-piece jam band hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. This spiritual roots quartet emits an embracing Vibe by fusing refreshing vocals with electronica, psychedelia, rock, reggae, jam, and improv. Charged by the spark of their natural chemistry, Vibe’s live performances are recognized for their electric-energy and spontaneous jams. They recently released a five song EP Psychadelevator… Read more →

Emma Shepard

Interview: Emma Shepard

Emma Shepard began documenting young adulthood in high school, skipping classes to pen piano-pop in the bedroom of her parents’ house. The resulting debut EP Twin Sized Bed laid bare moments of the bittersweet as elegantly as it did the grit. Graduating to Public Displays of Affection, her first full-length, Shepard takes on new complexity as a songwriter and orchestrations… Read more →