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Two Hand Fools

[six_columns] Venue: Joy Machines Bike Shop Performance Time: 9:30pm  [/six_columns] [five_columns] Bandcamp | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH Listen to Two Hand Fools Play “Two Hand Fools are a folk influenced pop punk band from the Cleveland area…They released [an] album called ‘Who’s Driving’ but they hate it and hate playing songs off of it. Then they released an EP called ‘Rivers’, and they hated… Read more →

Reverse the Curse

[six_columns] Venue: Campbell’s Sweets Factory Performance Time: 7:15 pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] reversethecursemusic.com | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Hiram, OH Listen to Reverse the Curse Play “These days, it’s all too easy for young bands to fall through the cracks and fail to muster any sort of staying power. Each genre is becoming more and more over-saturated and we can all agree that ‘whiskey soaked’ and… Read more →


[six_columns] Venue: Joy Machines Bike Shop Performance Time: 11:00pm  [/six_columns] [five_columns] restorationstheband.com | Bandcamp | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Listen to Restorations Play Restorations is a band. They want you to know that. Their 7” A/B is good for listening and, well, this: “Nothing says ‘leave me alone on my criminally short break annoying coworker’ like turning up the volume on Restoration’s 7” A/B.” –Hellhound Music… Read more →