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Music Spotlight: Dead Sweaters

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Creative force behind the Talking Heads and renegade new wave Renaissance man — artist, designer, author, speaker, and filmmaker among the seemingly infinite list — David Byrne said, “As music becomes less of a thing — a cylinder, a cassette, a disc — and more ephemeral, perhaps we will begin to assign an increasing value to live performances again.”

It’s a few weeks into the New Year and Dead Sweaters vocalist and guitarist Will Nolan’s casual mention of his resolution, “to see as much live music as I can, at least once a week,” he says, could easily read like a page of Byrne’s book, How Music Works, which Nolan has just passed between Sweaters drummer Joe Duffy and I as his current required reading.

”It’s kind of like the Bible. Doesn’t it remind you of the Bible?” he laughs — and …

Dead Sweaters

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Venue: Campbell’s Sweets Factory Stage
Performance Time: 6:30pm| Facebook

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Listen to Dead Sweaters

The Dead Sweaters are the venerable yet, wildly overlooked, Cleveland super-group made up of Jeanna (loves fury hats), Will (the world’s last known living yeti), Antoine (who you know/ought to know from The Secret Soul Club) and Joe (human enthusiast).  This garage-rock band has been putting out their dance-able pop ballads to crowds all over Cleveland since spring 2012. No venue seems to limit this band’s musical range; Now That’s Class to the Beachland Ballroom, The Grog Shop to the Ohio City Masionic Temple. They have played on your best friend’s sofa and in classy restaurants. Now, they perform for you, outside, in the freezing cold. It’s a good thing, enjoy it! Dance a little bit, or a lot – get crazy – and forget that you have …

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