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Music Spotlight: Dead Sweaters

Creative force behind the Talking Heads and renegade new wave Renaissance man — artist, designer, author, speaker, and filmmaker among the seemingly infinite list — David Byrne said, “As music becomes less of a thing — a cylinder, a cassette, a disc — and more ephemeral, perhaps we will begin to assign an increasing value to live performances again.” It’s… Read more →

Dead Sweaters

[six_columns] Venue: Campbell’s Sweets Factory Stage Performance Time: 6:30pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] deadsweaters.bandcamp.com| Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH Listen to Dead Sweaters Play The Dead Sweaters are the venerable yet, wildly overlooked, Cleveland super-group made up of Jeanna (loves fury hats), Will (the world’s last known living yeti), Antoine (who you know/ought to know from The Secret Soul Club) and Joe… Read more →