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Music Spotlight: Seafair

Formed in the fall of 2012 after combining forces with members of Unsparing Sea, the up-and-coming Seafair is an orchestral six-piece led by the siren song of Chayla Hope that consists of guitars, keys, and unexpected classical touches of cello and violin. Combining the, at times, warbly sea-shany element of the Decemberists, Seafair dabbles in quirky indie-pop seen on “Textbook Holiday”… Read more →

Music Q&A: Army of Infants

With a nod to ’90s grunge, Cleveland two-piece Army of Infants is a distorted explosion of garage and blues with surfy tones and a heart of Motown soul. Drummer Jacob Pflanzer and guitarist Jared Welch are currently working on a split tape with the Black Shades to be released in mid-March and have a string of tour dates that includes… Read more →

Music Q&A: Maza Blaska

Hailing from Columbus, Maza Blaska’s 2011 debut, Storyteller, was a colorful, jangly excursion of earthy, world-flavored orchestrations. Storyteller was rich in narrative, shrouded in tales of far-off lands and ancient roots that were offset by the rosy pop of their six member multi-instrumental arrangements. Brite Winter Fest talks to Sam Corlett about how the band got together, performing with their… Read more →

Music Spotlight: Dead Sweaters

Creative force behind the Talking Heads and renegade new wave Renaissance man — artist, designer, author, speaker, and filmmaker among the seemingly infinite list — David Byrne said, “As music becomes less of a thing — a cylinder, a cassette, a disc — and more ephemeral, perhaps we will begin to assign an increasing value to live performances again.” It’s… Read more →

Music Q&A: Ashley Brooke Toussant

A Kent native now transplanted to Cleveland, Ashley Brooke Toussant released her debut full-length, Sweetheart, in 2011. With the backdrop of classic pedal steel guitar and delicate piano, Sweetheart was an angelic, luring Midwestern mix of whimsical Americana storytelling with shades of blue-eyed soul. Toussant plans to record her sophomore album March of this year. We talked to Ashley Brooke Toussant… Read more →

Music Spotlight: Thaddeus Anna Greene

There is a certain adrenaline-fueled mysticism that belongs to the blues alone; it lives on in the songs passed down through legends and in the roots of what we call rock and roll. These stories were penned by freewheelers like Jimmy Reed, whose legacy came in unleashing the blues to the mainstream, and were told in songs like his “Bright… Read more →

Music Spotlight: Matt Hectorne & the Family Tree

Hanging around the green room below the Beachland Ballroom, Matt Hectorne seems at his most content talking church music and his Mississippi upbringings when the conversation comes to a halt and a smile breaks behind a grizzly beard. “‘I’ll Fly Away,’” he points upstairs in approval to the Womack Family Band’s psychedelic rendition of the spiritual standard taking place on… Read more →

Music + Art Spotlight: Melissa Olson

Sitting in a busy coffee shop nestled below Coventry Village in Cleveland Heights, Melissa Olson is tall and bright-eyed with blonde hair that falls past her shoulders. Even three months after returning to Ohio, she is in essence everything the Beach Boys meant when they said they wish they all could be California girls. Because that’s how we perceive the… Read more →