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Brite Winter Looks Even Brite-r in 2015

Now the rest of the nation knows about Cleveland too! (see Fodor’s and Travel and Leisure for their top places to visit in 2015) Six years ago, we knew this too, but we had a hard time seeing it during the winter. So, we had an idea.  One that we believed in, but one that we thought was just crazy… Read more →

Lucy Stone

[six_columns] Venue: Brite Stage Performance Time: 5:00pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] https://lucystone.bandpage.com/ | Facebook [/five_columns] Listen to Lucy Stone Play Though you may be hearing her name for the first time, Lucy Stone has a voice that’s hard to forget. A Philadelphia native, the 20 year-old songstress has already dedicated herself to more projects than a person has fingers. Lucy has opened… Read more →

48 Bands on 6 Stages

Brite WINTER ANNOUNCES 48 BANDS ON 6 STAGES FOR 2013 FESTIVAL IN OHIO CITY CLEVELAND, Ohio (January 10th, 2013) Brite WINTER has announced that the annual free winter art and music festival will feature 48 bands on 6 stages on February 16th, 2013 in Ohio City’ Market District. The event is a showcase of up and coming Midwestern artists including… Read more →