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[six_columns] Venue: The Cleveland Hostel Performance Time: 6:00pm  [/six_columns] [five_columns] Bandcamp | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Listen to Unraveler Play “Borrowing from both Daniel Johnston and John Darnielle, Unraveler paints broad strokes of discontent that should resonate among arbiters of quirky bedroom meditations. This music is not for hedonistic pleasure-seekers looking for an easy way out.” –Pittsburgh magazine Read more →

Tom Evanchuck

[six_columns] Venue: The Cleveland Hostel Performance Time: 9:00pm  [/six_columns] [five_columns] tomevanchuck.com | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH Listen to Tom Evanchuck Play “Tom Evanchuck and the Old Money are living in multiple eras. Rising from the Midwest, this group draws upon thei bluesy roots to carve out their own place in the burgeoning scene of folk and Americana rock. But something sets this foursome… Read more →


[six_columns] Venue: The Cleveland Hostel Performance Time: 5:00pm  [/six_columns] [five_columns] sonicbids.com/shisho | Bandcamp | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Kent, OH Listen to ShiSho Play “ShiSho is the outsider-art band…from Ohio. They’ve been making quirky indie, pop-punk, folk music for 8 years. If They Might Be Giants and Kimya Dawson had baby daughters whom they powdered regularly with Joe Jack Talcum—they’d grow up to be ShiSho. Though ShiSho… Read more →


[six_columns] Venue: The Cleveland Hostel Performance Time: 10:00pm [/six_columns] [five_columns] Bandcamp | Facebook [/five_columns] Hometown: Cleveland, OH Listen to Meridian Play Meridian is the brain-child of brothers Max and Jake Stern. Max says of the album Aging Truths: “’Aging Truths’ is a collection of songs…initially recorded on an internal laptop microphone perched on a beer-stained table in a cold Cleveland… Read more →