The Floorwalkers

[six_columns] Venue: Brite Stage
Performance Time: 9:00pm
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Hometown: Columbus, OH

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Growing up together in the same Cleveland, OH suburb, The Floorwalkers played little league baseball together as children. Then in high school, they began playing music together from 2000-04. Part of the band moved to Columbus, OH and released a self titled acoustic EP in ’05.  As a three piece, the band traveled the Midwest in support of their EP. By 2007, the whole band had relocated to Columbus.

While working on a debut full length album, they managed to garner a strong Midwest following. In November 2010 they released their first full length “The Natural Road.”  Since then, they have toured nationally, and remain completely independent. In a time when the music industry is reeling, The Floorwalkers have embraced the changes and built a truly grassroots following.

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