Tracy Morgan Freeman

[six_columns] Venue: Joy Machines Bike Shop
Performance Time: 4:15pm
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Hometown: Cleveland, OH

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Tracy Morgan Freeman is a serious Indie Pop Rock Quartet formed after the breakup of a popular Cleveland based band. Tim Czajka, Will Hooper, Steven Crobar and Kevin Timm went on to form Tracy Morgan Freeman in the late fall of 2011. Will Hooper, Tim Czajka, and Steve Crobar have been performing together for a solid four years creating a unique and interesting chemistry that is hard to come by with most bands. Kevin Timm was added to the band shortly after the three reunited in the fall of 2011.

All four musicians are professional and serious independent musicians who love music more than anything in their lives. Will, Steve, Tim, and Kevin all realized their calling at an early age and have never stopped short since. Steve will play the drums so hard that you will swear he hates them. Will seduces you with his sweet guitar leads and vocal melodies, Tim will make the hair stand up on your arm with passionate, yet tasteful solos, and Kevin holds the floor down with some grooving and energetic bass. Since an early age all four members have perfected their craft and are ready for the main stage. They are passionate, dedicated, and talented musicians who live and breathe Rock and Roll. All four musicians have been involved in music in some way throughout their lives, and intend to due so until the day they die.

Tracy Morgan Freeman is currently performing live within the Cleveland and surrounding areas as well as recording their debut EP at Bad Racket Recording Studios out of Cleveland, OH.

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