ageless males

Brite Winter 2016 Artist Spotlight: Ageless Males

“We like to make people laugh,” Kyle Singleton smiles, reminiscing on playing Brite Winter in 2015 on the back patio of TownHall with his band Ageless Males. “We were playing around outside last year, trying to throw snowballs at each other and at our friend’s bands. We actually hesitated on that, but we really wanted to.” Read more →


Brite Winter 2016 Artist Spotlight: By Light We Loom

Storytellers, innovators, entertainers: we expect musicians to embrace many roles within their craft to keep our attention as listeners. Perhaps there is no one as fickle as the critic, which is what each of us inherently become when listening to a new release or watching a live performance. Shanna Delaney and Eric Ling, the duo behind By Light We Loom, understand the desire that audiences small and large alike have to be engaged. Read more →


Brite Winter 2016 Artist Spotlight: FreshProduce.

What’s in a name? That which we call a performer by any other name would sound as sweet. Individually, Brittany Benton and Samantha Flowers made a name for themselves as Red-I and Playne Janye performing separately as a DJ and in the group LMNTL, respectively. They’ve had many monikers and worn various hats throughout the years, but they wouldn’t have the mix of talent quite as right as FreshProduce. does today. Read more →


COLDSCAPES//Adapt Comes To Brite

Brite is proud to partner with Kent State’s Center for Outdoor Living Design, housed within the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, on COLDSCAPES//Adapt to host their lecture and awards ceremony. It’s an event within an event held at Brite on Feb. 20th. Read more →


Brite16 Schedule

Dropping like Fluri on the West Bank of the Flats, we’re releasing our schedule for #Brite16 and how you can do Brite right (or is it rite?) Take a look, get out your planner and make a plan of attack for February 20th. We’ll see you there! Read more →


Brite Winter 2016 Artist Spotlight: Bummed Out

If someone asked you to make a Venn diagram of the qualities that you’d look for in other people when forming a band, you’d probably want talent, friendship and not being crazy to intersect. These were traits that Frank Wallis and his co-worker James O’Malley both found they had in common after getting together to play music in their spare time over a year ago. Read more →


Brite Community Artist Workshops

Make a mess! Meet new friends! Help build Brite! Join us and our community partners for a series of artist-led workshops. Be prepared to have fun and possibly get dirty. Refreshments will be provided at each workshop courtesy of Goose Island. All of the events will be held at Metal Yellow Studios on 4701 Perkins in Cleveland. We hope to see… Read more →


Give A Listen To #Brite16’s Bands

Whether you just want to enjoy some songs from the bands you know to exploring the ones you don’t, we’ve made it easy for you to sample the musical acts playing #Brite16. Press play below, sit back and enjoy the music via Spotify.   We can’t wait for you to experience all of these bands in person when you join us… Read more →