Music Submissions for 2017 Now Open!

After setting attendance records in 2016,  Brite Winter 2017 is already underway.  The free celebration of art and music returns to Cleveland this coming February. The event will feature music from diverse genres on indoor and outdoor stages. Artists are encouraged submit for consideration. The platform is a free showcase event with venues ranging in size from 50-5,000 capacity. If you are… Read more →


Brite Winter 2016 Artist Spotlight: Seafair

Seafair is an extremely eclectic group with a multitude of influences. Each member of the band has been playing music for a long time in everything from marching band drum corps to youth orchestra, Celtic metal band Myth to indie-folk outfit Unsparing Sea. “I think that’s where it really came together. Our influences allow us to play with a bunch of different people because we are all of these sounds without even trying. We all have that as our inspiration and that’s what drives us.” Read more →


Brite Winter 2016 Artist Spotlight: Chomp

Chomp’s newest release Bruise Control is more traditionally loud and fast, defiant punchy punk that deals with themes of alienation, anxiety, challenging authority and even themselves. Their songs have roots in early Fugazi or Green Day, but there is also room for experimentation as they toy around with amplified feedback, processed vocals, guitar setups, and utilizing samples within their music videos and live sets. Read more →

ageless males

Brite Winter 2016 Artist Spotlight: Ageless Males

“We like to make people laugh,” Kyle Singleton smiles, reminiscing on playing Brite Winter in 2015 on the back patio of TownHall with his band Ageless Males. “We were playing around outside last year, trying to throw snowballs at each other and at our friend’s bands. We actually hesitated on that, but we really wanted to.” Read more →


Brite Winter 2016 Artist Spotlight: By Light We Loom

Storytellers, innovators, entertainers: we expect musicians to embrace many roles within their craft to keep our attention as listeners. Perhaps there is no one as fickle as the critic, which is what each of us inherently become when listening to a new release or watching a live performance. Shanna Delaney and Eric Ling, the duo behind By Light We Loom, understand the desire that audiences small and large alike have to be engaged. Read more →