Cleveland Winter, Bring It On.

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Brite Winter Festival is an entirely free Art & Music Festival thanks to our partners and sponsors that contribute their time and financial support toward a better version of the Cleveland winter. The festival is a unique opportunity for collaboration between local businesses, community organizations, artists, and musicians to create an exception to the doldrums of Cleveland winter.

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In 2014, we’re anticipating the attendance of 20,000-25,000 Clevelanders, young professionals, students, and graduate students who are starting their careers and building their families in northeast Ohio. From area Universities to members of the art and music communities to anyone who loves life in northeast Ohio, the Brite Winter Festival is the best surprise of our unpredictable winter.

Brite Winter Community Quick Facts:

72% are age 18-34.

highly educated.
47% have a 4-year college degree and 25% have a graduate degree.

either in full time positions (65%), self-employed (8%), or full-time students (15%).

committed to Northeast Ohio.
70% have lived here 10 or more years.

high wage earners.
31% earn over $75,000 yearly.

47% traveled to Cleveland for Brite 2013.


How Brite Winter has Grown

Download - >  2013 Event/Media Summary

Brite Winter 2010: 600-800
Brite Winter 2011: 1200-1500
Brite Winter 2012: 10,000+
Brite Winter 2013: ~20,000
Brite Winter 2014: Target 20,000-25,000

In 2013, Brite Winter Festival exploded in every category: the amount of music, food vendors, activities, artist, and attendees. Celebrating our 5th Anniversary, Brite Winter 2014 is positioned to continue the expansive growth and impact an even larger audience in Northeastern Ohio.

Brite Winter 2013: At a glance

Website ~ 20,000+ unique visitors, 80,000+ page views
Facebook ~ 2,100+ Likes, 700,000+ friends of fans
Twitter ~ 950+ Followers
Print Advertising ~ Posters and Postcards around Greater Cleveland
~ Posters in RTA stations, Ads in Cleveland Scene, CSU Cauldron, etc.
~ Over 50+ features (click for full list)

Sponsorship Levels

Download  ->  Brite Winter 2014 Sponsorship Packet

**We have several options available for sponsors to contribute to Brite Winter Festical, but if the packages below do not meet your needs, please get creative! Let us know how we can work together. contact:   

Go to:Partial List of Donations in Kind

Brite Winter Promotional Marketing Reach

Primary Target Audience:
Young professionals and graduate students, ages 18-45.

Over to 250,000 impressions via social media, emails, and newsletters via Brite and our partners. Additional impressions from postcard and poster drops in area businesses and universities.

Marketing Networks:
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Institute of Art, area colleges and universities, Pop Up City, Ohio Canal Corridor, Positively Cleveland, Ohio City/Tremont/Detroit Shoreway neighborhoods, artist and music communities, and more.

Main Message:
Brite Winter gives Clevelanders a reason to celebrate, not hibernate, during the doldrums of winter by providing the opportunity to rejoice in Cleveland’s winter landscape with the people and businesses that make this town great. Music, fire, food, light, arts, and sports bring together diverse communities to remind all that Cleveland is a vibrant, happening city, even in winter.

Print and Broadcast Media

Prior to Event
Press releases to area newspapers(Plain Dealer, Cleveland Scene, Sun Times)

Flyers and posters on CWRU campus, Ohio City/Tremont/Detroit Shoreway businesses prior to festival

At Event
Program flyer
Posters on stages and indoor venues

Digital Media

Prior to Event
Website/blog (
Email invitations to event from CWRU, Pop Up City, Ohio Canal Corridor, Positively Cleveland, area bloggers
Facebook and Twitter invitations
Press releases via blogs and online newsletters
(Cool Cleveland, Plugged In, Metromix, CWRU/CIA newsletters)
At Event
Mobile Optimized Website
Digital Festival Schedule
Digital Festival Map

Fire, music, food, arts, and sports bring together diverse communities to rejoice in Cleveland, Winter, and our communities. We invite you to join us!

Sponsorship Questions?

James Harris


Our 2013 Key Sponsors Up in Lights for all to see

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